Distorted Self Image

Today I have a distorted self-image.

It’s not every day I have a distorted self-image. Some days I’m on top of the world and I can see myself as I truly am. Where I’ve been what I have accomplished and always choose to see the good in the world. 

Naturally there are days like today where you might wake up to teach a yoga class only to look in the mirror and not have self-love for what you see. Not having gratitude in my heart for the abilities my body has and the health my body & mind carry. Its ugly honest and raw, but it’s true. So where do I go from here? Luckily have had the good fortune to grow and learn with some of the best people in my life. I take a moment to remind myself, what I am grateful for today. I’m 41 I can’t compare my body to my 25 year old self. Yes lines of austerity and starting to surround my face and build character, is it ugly? No it’s honest its history it’s my story. 

I take time to sit it out, reflect, try to step away from the internal negative self-talk and look from the outside in. I decide to tap into my gratitude list, I join friends that are positive for coffee and tell them how I feel. I ask them for help, to be my support my network. I decide to take time for myself, workout & go to a yoga class by a mentor who I dearly admire her unconditional love. I think & write about all the beautiful life experience I have had & have every day, I remind myself that self-image, is not reality. Sadly we live in a society where there is so much focus on unimportant things. Image, body, wealth, careers… it’s endless, but at the end of the day, did you do what you love, were you around people you love and was it a happy day. Its simple. 

This letter is to Humanity and especially women. We are all one. Your success is my success your growth is mine. We are better cheering on each other than tearing each other down. Your success isn’t my failure this world is huge and has room for all of us. My goal is to help others see how we are more alike than different. We all want love, self-worth, value, kindness & safety. It’s time for us to hold one another up, to stop comparing to stop tearing each other down but to build a web of love, compassion & gratitude. You have no idea what battle someone else is going through but you can help ease it for them. The light within me humbly bows to the light within you, thank you for your collective universal positive strength that gives me hope and joy. 

I am grateful for you.